Get to know us

Who are these people?

PofudukHobimGifts is primarily a small family business. Şaziye, driven by the rights and privileges granted by retirement years after a busy work life, undertakes the unique design and careful production of the products in her authentic pursuit. Simultaneously, her son Tuğberk, completing his higher education, manages all digital processes to ensure that the valuable encounters of these distinguished family initiatives reach you, beautiful people.

Our History, Services and Emotions

PofudukHobimGifts is a unique project that, accelerated by the pressure of retirement years and the extraordinary impact of the pandemic, has evolved from being just a "hobby" into a business. At its core, it's a family business, a pocket money venture run by a mother and her son coming together.

We aim to transform personalized designs into physical value, catering to happiness demands centered around uniqueness. Producing decorations and toys for both children and adults, we aspire to make handcraft visible. In doing all this, we modestly contribute to the restoration of nature, driven by the impulse of the awareness century.

Feeling happy and free, we try to reflect these emotions in our products. PofudukHobimGifts has conducted exports to 20+ countries, reaching over 300. Throughout this process, new opportunities and perspectives have impacted our lives like never before. The happiness brought by the freedom of sharing beyond borders makes the creation of our products possible.